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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 7, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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live addition of this factor, carlson warming up in the billing, i am bill o'reilly, please always remember the spin a substrate here we are definitely looking out for you. >> tucker: this is a fox news alert nearly 60 tomahawk cruise missiles descended on a syrian air base near homs. president trump said of this to the nation. >> president trump: no child of god should ever suffer such horror. it is in this a vital national security interest, to prevent and the tour the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons.
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>> tucker: some assume that yesterday's strikes must be a one-off, america demonstrating its strength to the world, others think and how perfectly this is merely the beginning of many military interventions around the world. one of those people is senator lindsey graham with whom we spoke earlier today. i think a lot of people watching what happened last night assumed it was a one off response to sarin gas in syria. you were saying that the units it's odd to add 7,000 groups on the 7,000 troops on the ground. to defeat iso. >> regime change comes when we train up syrians, isolate as a direct threat to the homeland, assad is not. i'm not suggesting he is a threat to america, i do think isis would if they could. we could take raqqa sooner, more
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arabs would join the fight if we had more american troops. i think we're going to see a ramp up of american troops and not as frontline fighters and trainers and a special forces to take isis down quicker. >> tucker: a whole new war is what you're calling for. >> an end for an old war, the war is going on for eight years. >> tucker: we haven't been involved in the syria for eight years. >> know it's been a disaster for us, look what happened in europe, look what came from raqqa in terms of europe. radical islam has flourished under the caliphate, radical islamists are appearing everywhere. you had it in switzerland, and sweden. what i want to do is destroy the caliphate in the way disk you destroy the caliphate is you take raqqa. a >> tucker: i think it's a little confusing i don't think it anyone would disagree it's been a disaster in syria for the syrians and perhaps for the europeans. how exactly has it been a disaster for us?
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>> i can say if isis could hit as they would, the san bernardino people are connected to radical islam. we've had attacks here at home, i would say this about president trump, i'm proud of him. he did something obama did not do and if i met north korea i'm going to think differently about trump, he told assad, he didn't draw a redline he just acted. it >> tucker: it's a little confusing if you take three steps back from syria. here we are fighting, they are two main players in this. the biggest ones would be the isil and backed forces and the government of assad. we are fighting both of them, meanwhile we are arming a third force which has ties to al qaeda. >> what are the threats to america coming from syria? we agree isil is a threat to america. >> tucker: i don't think anyone is supporting isis.
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>> i'm not saying you are, i'm saying the only way to destroy the caliphate is for somebody to go on the ground and kill them. >> tucker: we seem to be fighting both sides. no one would disagree that bashar al-assad is killing far more members of isis than we have. but now are fighting him too. >> he is not killing isil he's killing the opposition. he's a threat to the region and threats to us because he's backed by iran. >> tucker: he's a secular leader who's against isis, were against isis. >> iran is run by a religious fanatic, iran is not a secular state. they have they write desk to israel. i think the deal with iran is the worst deal since munich. assad is as long as he is in power, isil and al qaeda can't be destroyed. >> tucker: i just want to see if i can understand this.
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if i can't tell who the main enemy is here. you said that isil is the main enemy, the new city iran is the main enemy but they are fighting each other so i'm confused. >> radical sunni islam hates the irradiance. irradiance. how are we connected here? radical islam and the sunni side it did 9/11, i don't think iran is going to attack us tomorrow, i don't think if they had nuclear capability would share it with terrorist organizations, both pose a threat in a different way. i'm more worried about an iranian expansion right now than i am about isil, and muzzle, and a raqqa. >> tucker: i thought you were worried about isil, but one to be a perfect scenario if we have two enemies fighting each other to not intervene in that conflict because were the beneficiary? >> the bottom line is assad is
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not trying to take down the caliphate, he is trying down the opposition. the russians 80% of their air strikes have not been against syrian opposition or isil. assad has done all purchases from a isil. here's what i would say about the president. he acted decisively when obama did not, hope north korea is paying attention. isil is germany, assad's japan, here's what i would do it. >> tucker: the applications of what he did are fascinating to me. your compatriot said convinced lead to a wider war with russia, will beat them, they will lose because we are superior that to them militarily, nobody doubts that bridged the question is why would you want to go with russia too? are you for that? >> what i'm for us getting syria back to the syrians. i'm for two things, destroying radical sunni islam so it won't become a safe haven for
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terrorist like afghanistan was before 9/11, i'm for replacing assad not by the americans, the russians, or the irradiance but by the assyrians. eventually beat him because he has a poor hand. it's because that would include the isis allied groups that we are fighting now and would not include the iranians who we are hope to fighting for the russians who we are happy to go to war with or the north korea we i'm losing track, but with this cost? how long will they be there and what would that cost? >> i think they would be there long enough to defeat isil they would have to stay in that some level. as long as it takes to help train a syrian opposition to get a peace deal in geneva. the way the war ends is through political reconciliation. he's backed by russia and iran. obama refused to act against the
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sound of phil and help the syrians because assad is a cancer in the region and he's in a destabilizing force. he will never be a legitimate reason for the syrians and he's got to go. obama gave them a pass and now trump has got this on his watch. a >> tucker: what would it cost to do what you want to do, 7,000 troops there indefinitely? >> i will get a number for you, dominic. >> tucker: to do not think through what the cost will be quick to >> minimal compared to the threats we face. do you think it would be better off to have troops in afghanistan before 9/11 call >> tucker: i think it's worth think about the cost, our country is getting poorer every year that's all i'm saving. >> you think you can be safer just by living those people.
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how do you engage the enemy when all of us stay here? >> tucker: i'm just saying money is real, we have a limited amount of it, it's fair to ask much it costs. >> our national security interest can't be monetized, what what are the threats we faced? i think isil is a threat to the homeland, the sooner we destroy them the better we are. that's not good for us, that's not good for israel that's not good for allies of the king of jordan. i think on september the tenth we didn't have one soldier in afghanistan, one embassy, not a dime of it and we got attacked anyway. i think radical islam want to fighting us even though we don't want to deal with them. here's what i would do if i was president. i would lead about eight to 10,000 troops behind in iraq to make sure isil doesn't come back, are you okay with that? >> tucker: i suppose, i think like most americans i'm pretty cap skeptical about starting an entire new war. given the track records of the
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wars you've supported so far. >> here's what i would say, the world is better off without saddam hussein, the world is better off without qaddafi. i wouldn't want to live there. >> tucker: thank heaven were out of time. the reviews are in on the last night's attack on syrian air field, the media loved it, most of official washington was thrilled, even democrats and conference, managed to say nice words about last night's mission which was nice. so who's not on board? according to a piece by somebody named bennett truck enter at politico, the skeptics are limited to what he calls trump's control arm make him a racist mongers. "the new york times" came to the same conclusion noted that the strongest opposition to bombing syria came from a small but influential white nationalist movement? "the washington post" agree with this assessment, the wars
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critics hold racist, anti-semitic and sexist views. why would white supremacists oppose the bombing of a nonwhite country? wouldn't they be for us? that part was never explained it just asserted to because it makes no sense. it's literally absurd like so much news coverage it's not news but propaganda designed to smear and deceive rather than to inform the news on this topic it's never been safer. most of the washington sample establishment is gung ho for it, one of the few who isn't criticize the escalation is reckless and wanted had caused a much broader worried she joined us tonight from hawaii, thanks for coming on. you have heard media outlets that support you generally describe the people who have qualms about what happened last night as bigots. it's at a fair characterization? >> we as the american people should be concerned when any president of the united states
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launches an illegal and unconstitutional military strike against foreign governments. this is something that congress has not authorized and it's an escalation of a counterproductive regime change war in syria that our country has been waging for years, first for many years to the cia covertly and now overtly through president trump's reckless military strike last night. as you know well, this is a war that costs hundreds of thousands of syrian lives, it cost millions of syrian refugees to flee their homes and it has strengthened terrorist groups operating on the ground in syria like al qaeda, l new sir, isis, and others. whose sole goal is to overthrow the syrian government and take over and take ownership over syria. >> tucker: this was predicated on the sarin gas attack earlier in the week and everyone we talked to access, they said
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unequivocally the assad government did this. kill these children with poison gas, do you believe that? >> it doesn't matter what i believe or not, what matters is evidence and facts. >> tucker: do you think there is evidence for that? >> if the trump administration has the evidence unequivocally proving this then share it with the american people. a church with congress, come to congress and make your case before launching an unauthorized illegal military strike against a foreign government. iraq is not so far off in our memories especially for people like me who not only served there but who lost friends there, and we remember when the bush administration including colin powell and others came to congress and came to the united nations presenting so-called evidence of weapons of mass destruction that later proved to be false. the disaster that is the iraq war was predicated on so-called evidence. i think it pays for the american
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people and members of congress to be very careful, thoughtful, and skeptical and to support frankly with the united nations is working on yesterday. before this military strike was launched in immediately launching an independent international, neutral investigation to gather the evidence, gather the facts so that can be presented. >> tucker: so one of the differences between the early iraq war and now is that there seems to be very little dissent on the left, or at least among mainstream liberals, they all seem for this. all of the media outlets, all of the punditry on television suggests support for donald trump for the left, what accounts for this do you think? >> i don't guess to know what people are coming from or why. i really wish personally as a veteran that especially people in positions of power whether they be in the media or in congress, or washington to be very careful in understanding exactly what's the cost of these
6:15 pm
wars are and what the consequences of a reckless action like the one president trump took last night will result in. we are seeing already how taking this action by weakening the syrian government, the syrian military de facto strengthening these terrorist groups like al qaeda in their effort to take over all of syria. we are seeing an increase in the likelihood or the possibility that we the united states and up in a direct military conflict with russia who are very closely allied with syria and have their own military operating on the ground there. when you consider the consequences of that, the united states and russia being the two nuclear powers in the world, it should be a cause of great concern for everyone. >> tucker: you think, except they attacked our election so we have to, runtime thanks for jos
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tonight. a rogue truck driver possibly terrorist, will bring her crucial details on that. the syria crisis exposes another case of susan rice saying is something provably untrue, ed henry joins us with the details. minutes before leader nigel faraj here to discuss both those stories, stay tuned imagine if the things you bought every day earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag, 2 united club passes... priority boarding... and 50,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card.
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>> tucker: this a fox news alert, it was an awful scene in the streets of stockholm, sweden, today is a truck smashed
6:20 pm
through pedestrians and what appears certain to be a terror attack. swedish journalist and a gehenna north has more information on what happened there today and she joins us, thanks a lot for coming on. give us a sense of what is going on tonight in stockholm in what authorities think happened. >> the things we know for sure right now is that at around 2:45 today, a truck drove into a large group of people and what is the busiest street in stockholm. we now know the truck had been stolen about 30 minutes prior, the delivery truck was stolen outside a restaurant inside a central stockholm. we know four people are now confirmednd 15 are in hospital injured, nine of these are said to be in critical condition. the entire city is on lockdown, most of the subway was closed, the central station was on
6:21 pm
lockdown, every government building was on lockdown. there is a real sense of chaos and panic in stockholm right now. >> tucker: can we say with certainty that this was a form of islamic terror, is that the assumption? >> what we have is a confirmation from our prime minister that it was a terrorist attack. i have course spent most of the evening looking on various kinds of social media, what we know as one person is being held, a person of interest. judging by the social media presence of this person, who was said to be held by the police. it's a pretty safe to say it's a question of islamic terror. we want to know more until the police released more information, i assume that will be a couple of days. it's still a sense of shock and chaos here right now. >> tucker: i received a number of emails today from viewers in sweden who are very distrustful of the swedish government reporting on incidents like this. their claim is that the swedish
6:22 pm
government tends to downplay these things in an effort to downplay the threat of terror and violence in sweden, do you think that's true? >> i think that's true for the government, i also think it's true for the general public. we saw today how we've been in a state of willful ignorance for quite some time. everyone knew it was a question of when and if not f. we seemed unprepared to somehow and i've heard of several journalists and politicians who are in government today say that the way to combat terrorism is with love. i'd say that is just not the case, the way to combat terrorism is with guns. unless we realize that, we are in more trouble than even i thought. there is a reason for this distrust. >> tucker: you've written that sweden has become this unlikely source of g jihad from around e world because of the vacuum of
6:23 pm
values in sweden. explain what you meant by that. >> sweden it is the third biggest contributor to global jihad today, we have a lot of young people born in this country several of them worn in syria to fight global jihad. i believe that it's something people need perhaps in these days are this area in the world were a habit to be born deny that that nationalism matters, that borders matter. that national identity matters but we've been in denial of that for a very long time. where there is a vacuum, that vacuum longs to be filled and we've taken and hundreds of thousands of people who have very strong, a very strong identity. very strong on national and religious identities and they are filling that vacuum very quickly. it is a very, dangerous situation to be in. >> tucker: that sounds like an astute explanation, thank you for joining us.
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>> tucker: former national security advisor susan rice has been engaged in a wrestling match with the truth in which the truth has often lost spirit
6:28 pm
of fox's ed henry is following the latest example, he joins us with more honors. >> one left we left susan rice, she had told pbs that she was shocked, shocked by these allegations from republican devon nunez that president trump and some of his advisors were swept up in some of the government surveillance, she said she at the time sheet of absolute nothing about this surveillance and that she was surprised by it until we learned that actually she didn't know about the surveillance and had unmasked the names of some trump advisors who were swept up in it. now we have discovered that in january as she was touting the accomplishments of the outgoing the obama administration to npr, she suggested that bashar al-assad and syria didn't have any more chemical weapons. >> i think the president stated the u.s. view which is the use of chemical weapons is not something we are prepared to allow to persist and we didn't. we managed to accomplish that goal far more thoroughly than we
6:29 pm
could have by some limited strikes against chemical targets by getting the entirety of the declared stockpile moved. >> there was that caveat at the end about declared stockpile leaving the door open to the idea that assad had not declared in some chemical weapons that he can then use. in fact he did. we've seen these horrific pictures, that led to the u.s. air strike last evening. it makes you wonder how the claimant could have been made in january that a great accomplishment of the obama administration was getting rid of assad's chemical weapons. >> tucker: sarin doesn't count if it's not declared. this does seem like part of a pattern, imagining that? >> if you go back, when it came to benghazi, she suggested it was all about the video, tripped her up clearly. you had the bergdahl situation where she claimed he had served
6:30 pm
with honor and distention, that did not hold up. if the government surveillance that i talked about she mentioned did not hold off and now this chemical weapons situation straining the truth as well. this has been a long series. >> tucker: also the author of 42 faith, the rest of that jackie robinson story, which i have actually read. do yourself a favor, get one. there are many populists that are wary of what is happening there now, european parliament member and brexit champion, nigel farage, you've spoken to the new american president many times including foreign policy, we suppress it would happen last night? >> yes i was. there are many facts that i would only understand i guess the question i'm asking is a lot of people who voted for trump did so because they were very wary of the neocon agenda they
6:31 pm
believed that persistent intervention in the middle east over the last few years has made things worse not better. yeah, lots of questions today. if >> tucker: does it seem inevitable that in the wake of intervention in the country like syria that refugees from that country go to the country that does the intervening? that does seem to be the pattern, does that mean more syrian refugees will come here? >> yes. i suppose actually southern europe are the ones who will be thinking about this more than anybody particularly given the breakdown of relations with turkey, who are supposed to be holding back the migrant tide. all the evidence is if you get rid of saddam, if you get rid of qaddafi, they may unpleasant people, but they are strong secular leaders, all large number of people he live in the country. is this a one-off hit, is this a warning to assad or is this part of a campaign?
6:32 pm
that is the thing i think most trump supporters are anxious to hear. spew another question we can answer right now, you saw what happened in sweden earlier today with an apparent active act of, i imagine this is connected to their immigration policy, do you think it is. >> it's extremely unlikely that this person has not something to do massive integration, sweet and have taken in more than anybody. there are two problems, one is people coming in and committing terror, the other is radicalization that takes place in schools and prisons. either way, this is not going to be the last such attack in sweden or elsewhere in europe, in fact, it's happening now with such regular monotony, it's almost becoming part of life i'm sad to say. if >> tucker: horrifying, you've said and i've heard you say that the e.u. policy unstated but real is to make europe more islamic.
6:33 pm
my question is always been if the e.u. bureaucrats are basically liberal, why would they be encouraging, what is the motivation behind that impulse? >> very strong secularism exists within the european structures, almost a genuine desire to downplay any judeo-christian heritage and culture. those of us who stand up and speak for it really get shouted down immediately. i guess the problem with people who make policy like this is once they've embarked on the course, they can't ever admit they are wrong. they still in brussels if you talk about sexual crimes in sweden or in germany over the last couple of years, if you say a flood of people from countries who treat women badly have led to this, you are still branded as being racist. it's a very, very stringent perverse mindset.
6:34 pm
>> tucker: why the double standard on secularism? if you were to get up and talk about your christian and jewish faith eyes would roll. if you are to get up and talk about the superiority of sharia law, people would listen attentively and sort of nod, why? >> i'm not sure that's true. i think slowly but surely the public in europe have woken up to what's going on but still our leaders will not in a discussion about this kind of thing. even if we talk about sharia courts which i find horrifying because unless we all live under the same law, what future is there? even when you're told about things like that you're told to look we have to live in an age of religious tolerance. the key thing that they are missing is we may be tolerant to other religions but sadly, some of the islamic faith are not tolerant toward us. >> tucker: some aren't. thanks a lot for joining us, good to see it. >> thank you.
6:35 pm
>> tucker: up next, 50 years ago and aspiring national movement stamped out government sponsored racial segregation in the united states, was it all a mistake what to mark a in columbia set aside rooms exclusively for people based on their skin color, he is here to explain why, next. go to protect your vehicle? i'm on it.
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the friends, the independence. and since we planned for it, that student debt is the one experience, i'm glad she'll miss when you have the right financial advisor, life can be brilliant. ameriprise exercising the nuclear option majority vote, 51 senate republicans voted to confirm hi him, joined by three democrats all of which are under for reelection next year in red states. he will hear his first oral arguments a week later mitch mcconnell pulled it off. more than anything else, slavery and segregation's are americans
6:40 pm
sins, whites and nonwhites were kept apart by the force of law. if you did at school the less 40 years, the end of that system was celebrated, it turns out we may have had it wrong at least according to columbia university because the school has set aside rooms that can only be used by people of the basis on their skin color. for nonwhites or gay rights groups, recommended that new policy, he joins us to explain this new policy. thanks for joining us. the idea behind this challenges a lot of our assumptions. if you can't be around people who are different from you, is being around you makes his own comfortable uncomfortable, it's a just diversity is wrong. >> thanks so much for having me on the show. went to rooms became available in our student center pretty
6:41 pm
recently we looked across our community to build broad consensus among students, student groups, student councils to figure out what would be the best ways to use these rooms to meet the needs of our community. this decision really came at a time when we've been having a lot of issues around suicide, mental health and isolation. we ended up deciding dedicating one space to lgbt students and other two students of color, data driven decision 63% of students who have died by suicide at columbia are students of color, what these spaces will do will provide support for those troops domestic groups to fight the isolationism that's been happening and to get your point what you've been saying with segregation, but i think you mean its exclusivity. these spaces will provide programming for the entire community the entire columbia community, all students come anybody who is interested regardless of background to come together share experiences,
6:42 pm
build empathy and really build a stronger community. >> tucker: i'm for empathy, but the underlying assumption of what you just said is that being around people who are different is traumatic and that was the justification for segregation. >> that's not what i'm saying, i'm what i'm saying is that -- >> tucker: you're saying when they kill -- >> what i'm saying is that isolationism can lead to suicid suicide. >> tucker: identify isolationism. >> not feeling you can come together with others, it's important to feel like you have people around who can understand you and there are differences in these communities. it's important people have the opportunity come together and to provide anybody in the opportunity they can hear that so together we can build a better community. >> tucker: they can use the
6:43 pm
room to come together with students from those back roads. what if they felt uncomfortable? obviously columbia has a relatively small percentage of white men, there are distinct minority on campus, if they wanted to set up their own area, would you before that? >> look, all communities have to prioritize all communities, businesses, organizations. they have to prioritize their resources based on the needs of their community. what we are seeing here is that these particular communities are in need and therefore we reacted to. >> tucker: what if a bunch of straight white kids got together and said we feel oppressed here by people like you and we neared our own student sponsored school paid for room together with just a straight guys, would you say i get that, that's okay. >> given the pressing needs we have around the community, there are other ways in which that space could be used. >> tucker: so no, it's a double standard, certain races get their own rooms and others don't. >> know what i'm saying is we
6:44 pm
are reacting to needs and where soup providing support for communities. >> tucker: what you're doing is using imprecise academic talk to dodge my question. >> i can't think of anything more real than suicide. >> tucker: i'm not denying the reality of suicide. >> tucker: i'm you said i was using academic talk. >> tucker: i'm contesting. >> you don't know what isolationism is. cutting yourself off, not feeling like you have a community. there are differences among these communities. >> tucker: let's get deeper here. you are saying people are more comfortable, maybe have better mental health when you are around people who are just like them. i'm feeling maybe that's true but it's kind of a radical thing to say because that of course again is what people in support of segregation. >> is at a radical thing to say that somebody who is closeted
6:45 pm
and feels harm in their community may be at home to come together with somebody else who is openly and share expenses and feel more accountable, is another good thing for our community? >> tucker: i thought it was good to be for people who are different from your? i thought diversity was her strength what you're saying it's not. this is it about diversity. >> it's about getting people together >> tucker: let me ask you this really quick. what if a straight person were to sneak into the aldgate room. if you're setting aside a room for gay people, is there a test? how do you ascertain gay? >> anybody can come in to these spaces to talk about issues, there's not a test. >> tucker: you said that what groups are not allowed to use the back student lodges without the presence of black students and i'm asking you put a
6:46 pm
straight-a student try to pass? how are you defining gay exactly what the market >> you asked me what is gay? >> tucker: i'm asking you, you're the one setting up the rooms come it's not a question i've actually entertained before but i've never seen a room reserved for people who are gay i'm asking what it means. >> it's a space that provides support and which other people who are not from the community can come in and get engage. >> tucker: one of the imprints requirements for men never ship in that community? if they're your rooms, one of the rules here? >> the way it will work there will be a student group from each of those communities that will be able to book those spaces and when they provide programming, other students from other veterans will also be able to join. >> tucker: i think you may have people sneaking in, just a guess, thanks for joining us. up next, u.s. citizen auto one beer has been appraised prisond north korea, it's really sad and
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>> tucker: for the past two days, president trump has been hosting the chinese president in florida trying to improve relations with that country. one way the chinese could improve relations with the world is by helping free auto warm beer, we recently spoke with his parents, they have not heard from him since last january come here as part the conversation. i guess the assumption is for most of the americans, the u.s. government is the most powerful government in the world, knows a lot, clicks a lot of information, if you are one of your kids or is in trouble, someone will help you, that's a point of having a government, this is how it happened. he left on his trip, we knew he
6:52 pm
was in north korea than of course a mother figure things out and she says he hasn't called me, he should be in china now. we do the 24-hour wait and in the state department calls us. does he take medicine? they don't say anything about detainment. then of course we bring it up, they say he's being detained in north korea. that's how they told you, does he take medicine? >> i think they want to know any particulars, this is how the situation worked. that is absently awful, who called you? >> it's a lower level person that is our contact, she always tell us us that i'm at the lowest level. >> know what he called you to say i have terrible news, her oldest son is being held in north korea, .
6:53 pm
>> initially it was, the freedom of information act, he hasn't signed a waiver yet. it seems like >> tucker: and john kerry as secretary of state of the time committed to speak with him clicked mark >> met with him. , nice guy, totally exasperated with north korea, . >> tucker: did he help you? >> no absently or not. >> tucker: did anyone in the state department help you in anyway? >> no, to to be fair, we let him go to north korea, we had no
6:54 pm
idea that it would evolve to where it can. >> tucker: what is your hope for this new administration, have you had any contact with this new state department? >> no. no, no one has reached out to us. again, we let our son go there but i would have hoped that somebody other than the desk person who we have a relationship with and she's a good person and they're all good people, but i would've hoped at this point, somebody would have reached out and may be given up some reassurances, but that doesn't happen in our world. >> tucker: you almost have grown up believing the point of the government was to stand up for its own citizens, do you feel differently about that now? >> i am so shocked, the first thing after i got the phone call was did you read the state department blog on a north korea? before you let him go?
6:55 pm
spoon some of the state department said that to you? blaming you for the kidnapping and imprisonment of your son. it's your fault, that's the message from the state department. >> they acted like we were ignorant basically for letting him go. >> tucker: they judged you and blame you for your son's kidnapping by the north korean government. like it was your fault, that's what you got when you reached out to the u.s. government for help, you gotta blame and judgment. >> they asked us to stay quiet because they said it's better for everyone involved. >> tucker: better for the bureaucrats because nobody knows how little they are doing what nobody talks about it. you have a message for this new state department, for secretary rex to listen? ? >> president trump, i ask you,
6:56 pm
bring my son home, you can make a difference here. >> tucker: i pray this as a result, thanks a lot for joining us. were going to stay on the story until auto's outcome i have a great weekend, sean hannity is next, we'll see you monday for their own frequent heartburn. for all day and all night protection... banish the burn... with nexium 24hr. dearthere's no other way to say this. next, we'll see you monday * * as one.
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because a job worth doing, is worth doing right. can-am defender. tough, capable, clever. get a 3-year brp limited warranty plus a $1,500 cash rebate on 2016 defender models. >> sean: welcome to hannity, this is a fox news alerts. just over 24 hours ago, president trump sent a message that reverberated around the entire world that siri president bashar al-assad use of chemical weapons against his own people will not be tolerated in the united states of america is once again willing to back up its words with brute force. president trump ordered a tactical tomahawk missiles strike against an airbase in syria, the very same base that was used by the plan responsible for this chemical attack that killed thousands of innocent men, women, and the children. according to reports, the u.s. action in syria was highly effective destroying around 20 syrian


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